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BookSource for the planet

Our promise

What we do shouldn't cost the earth. It is BookSource's objective to reduce negative environmental impact resulting from our operations. 

We promise to follow sustainable practices where we can. We promise to educate and engage with our colleagues, clients, customers and partners on how we can collectively make an impact.

Environmental concerns are important to us, our clients and our customers. Becoming greener and more sustainable is a genuine commitment at BookSource, but it's a journey and not a destination. 

We will always work hard to achieve our goals.

Below are details of some of our most recent initiatives.

View our Environmental Policy here.


Our journey so far....


The number of tonnes of C02 we save per annum since our move to LED lights.



The number of miles of plastic tape we save each year since moving to a gum paper tape.


The amount of paper we use in our office.

Green Team

BookSource’s Green Initiative Team was established in 2019. The team is committed to researching and establishing initiatives which will have a positive environmental impact on our company and our planet. The team's objective is to educate and engage with colleagues, clients and customers to consider making the best decisions for our planet.



We swapped our lighting to LED lights, which saves 35 tonnes of CO2 each year!



We source packaging from a local supplier (to save on carbon emissions). All boxes are FSC approved and are made from recycled board. In a bid to remove the need for extra 'void fill' within our boxes, we shred the majority of our cardboard, meaning we don't have to send it away for recycling. The shredded cardboard is used to pack boxes. Using shredded cardboard this way has meant we've drastically cut the amount of void fill paper we need. So we're saving on paper use and it's cutting down on how often a lorry has to deliver it (saving even more carbon emissions!) We've also swapped from plastic tape to gummed paper tape which is more environmentally friendly.

Waste and Recycling

We are a zero waste company. None of our waste goes to landfill. We encourage customers to re-use our cardboard boxes whenever possible.



Our delivery partner, DPD is the UK's leader in sustainable delivery, providing clean, green delivery.  Read more here.

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