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Image by Michael Benz

Working towards a greener future.

This week we reached another milestone in our mission to help counteract the effects of climate change.    

BookSource has planted over 350 trees in our BookSource Grove in the Scottish Highlands where they will support biodiversity, create homes for wildlife and enhance forests for the future.

Here comes the science part……
Planting is an effective way to help offset carbon emissions. Through photosynthesis trees absorb carbon dioxide to produce oxygen.  Trees lock up carbon, reduce pollution and flooding, and support people, wildlife, and farming in adapting to the climate crisis.  (Source:  Woodland Trust). 


We know it’s a small offering that won’t solve the issues facing the planet.  The planet would need to plant around 40 billion new trees each year to offset the emissions created.  However, it is a positive step in our journey that will also help engage and educate our colleagues and stakeholders.

Read more on our sustainability journey here.

Updated: 20th March 2024.

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