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Our FlexArmy and how it works

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Welcome to BookSource 

The point of our FlexArmy is to make sure we have extra resource when we most need it, and to give people work who cannot commit to regular hours. By bringing us together it can’t be anything other than a win-win situation. 


How it works

You will be added to our FlexArmy WhatsApp Group. On that you will be sent a link to F.A.S.T. our FlexArmy Scheduling tool. You must complete this form every week prior to the Friday before the following week – even if you are not available for work. This will help us schedule and get back to you to confirm if you are needed. We will send you a reminder on WhatsApp each week. . 


When you get paid

Our payroll department has cut-off dates each month and these are displayed on the staff room noticeboard. This is to allow them to calculate your pay and set up the bank transfer. You will normally be paid on or by the 28th of each month. 

What if you can't make it in 

If after you’ve been scheduled to work you find you can’t make it then you must call us as soon as you know this, and not wait until the start of your shift. This is so that we can arrange for someone else to cover. The contact names and numbers are below. 

How long will the arrangement last

This is an indefinite arrangement. It will end either when you tell us you no longer want to be part of our FlexArmy or if you fail to complete the F.A.S.T. form over two consecutive weeks. We feel this is fair in order to give someone else the chance of some work. We also have the right to bring the arrangement to an end if it’s simply not working out. At the end of the arrangement, you will be sent your final payslip and your P45. 


Questions & Contacts

Your main contacts at BookSource are Jordan McDermott (0141-643-3970) and June Fagan (0141-643-3965). They will help you with any queries or issues you might have.

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