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5 minutes with our Finance Director, Collette!

At BookSource, our team is known for delivering a tailored, customised service to all our clients and customers. Get to know our team better! We recently spent 5 minutes with our Finance Director, Collette Wilson.

How long have you been with BookSource?

I’ve been with BookSource for 7 years. Starting off as Finance Controller and moving to Finance Director in 2018.

What does your role at BookSource involve?

Primarily, I have the overall responsibility of the company’s finance and accounting operations. My key objective is to ensure the financial wellbeing of BookSource to allow us to continue to operate and offer a competitive service to our clients for many years to come. I also oversee the credit management processes for publisher debtors and cash collection ensuring we receive receipts as quickly as possible and maintaining good relationships with customers.

What is your proudest moment (so far!) at BookSource

There have been many, but the one I’d say I am most proud of is getting the company and our clients through the pandemic. Despite the lockdowns and the uncertainty that accompanied, we were able to continue to operate ensuring our clients were able to continue trading and receive much needed funds.

How do you keep up with the latest changes in the industry?

Data, data and more data! I analyse sales data for different trends. I also speak with our board members, many of whom are publishers, speak to client services and my colleagues at BookSource to understand how the market is and how that will impact on Booksource and our publishers in the short to medium term.

What does a day at BookSource look like?

Very varied! Each day is different. Yesterday involved planning discussions with our auditors, analysing activity data to identify trends and completing month end procedures. Whilst, today is about talking to a couple of clients about issues they're facing in the market generally. 

What’s your priority for BookSource’s clients?

My priority is to future-proof BookSource to ensure we can continue to support publishers as best we can.


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