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Finding the right distribution partner for your business is crucial as they will be an integral part of your team. There are many book distributors in the marketplace so it can be difficult to decide between them.

At BookSource, our team is dedicated to providing an excellent service for all of our clients and customers. Take a look below to find out why BookSource is perfect for you.


BookSource uses Bookmaster, a world leading publisher and distributor operating system.


We offer unrivalled scope and flexibility to our clients in terms of reporting and data capture, giving us, and our clients, the competitive edge to help spot opportunities and allow informed decisions to be made quickly. 


We are dedicated to meeting the needs of our customers and clients to a very high standard, and pride ourselves on having a friendly and professional team committed to providing a first class service. Our values are ACE!

Attitude – we are committed to understanding the needs of our clients and customers, and our activities will revolve around their requirements.

Communication – we will excel in knowing our business environment and we recognise that good communication is key to our success​.

Excellence – we are committed to providing a complete, no compromise, high quality service in everything we do.


We pride ourselves on having an excellent customer-focused team that has a wealth of product and market knowledge. Our members of staff have a wide variety of experience in bookselling, distribution and many other industries, and it is this diversity of skills which helps us to meet the varying needs of our clients and customers.  Meeting our publishers’ and customers’ needs is critical in providing a first-class service and we are committed to adapting our services whenever required.

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All publishers are different and at BookSource we are committed to adapting our service to the needs of our publishers. We try to personalise our services by fully understanding our publishers’ requirements and aspirations. Regular communication with our clients is crucial especially in respect of sales and forthcoming titles. Put simply, we want to do the best job that we can for our publishers and their customers.

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'I think BookSource is great. I will continue to endorse BookSource as a supplier for Scottish titles, certainly makes things easier for me and the service is excellent.'


Angie Crawford 

Scottish Buying Manager, Waterstones

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