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At BookSource, we have been able to develop a successful business through the hard work of an incredible team of highly experienced and dedicated people. Across all departments, our resourceful staff ensure that you receive the very best service. Find out more about them below, or to meet the rest of the team click the links below. 


Laura Aitchison

Credit Control Assistant

Laura joined the team in February 2022.  She has extensive customer service experience within the aviation and financial services industries.  Laura is responsible for keeping on top of customer payments and chasing outstanding debt, and is key in maintaining excellent relationships with our clients and customers.

Yvonne Craig

Customer Service Manager

Yvonne has more than 23 years of customer service experience under her belt. She joined BookSource in February 2002 as a Customer Service Assistant and after 4 years undertook the role of Warehouse Administrator. However, she moved back into the Customer Service team as Supervisor in 2010 and has been managing the team since 2014. She is responsible for managing the daily workload within the team and ensuring we exceed customer and client expectations. 


Leah Cullen

Client Manager

Leah joined BookSource in 2010. Her background is in bookselling and she spent over 9 years working for Borders Glasgow in a variety of roles. She has also had a number of roles here at BookSource, gaining a wide range of knowledge and skills, and currently handles company communication.  Leah helps to ensure the excellent relationship we have built with our client publishers is maintained and assists them with various queries.

Lavinia Drew

Credit Control, Key Accounts

Lavinia has worked for the company since it began trading in 1995 and therefore she has a huge amount of knowledge and experience of the publishing industry. She has spent the majority of her time at BookSource as Credit Controller, however over recent years has concentrated on maintaining the strong financial relationships we have with the key accounts.


June Fagan

Warehouse Administrator

June joined BookSource in 2014 initially as a Customer Service Assistant but moved into the Warehouse Administrator role in 2016 to allow us to take advantage of her excellent organisational and communication skills. June is responsible for managing deliveries of stock into us and the deliveries of orders to customers, and liaises closely with our delivery partners to ensure customers receive their orders on time and in perfect condition. 

Drew Leonard

Customer Service Assistant

Drew came on board in 2012 and has been a key member of the Customer Service team since then. He is responsible for dealing with all matters related to customer orders and queries and is more than capable of managing the team as and when required.


Karolina Kopec

Finance & Admin Manager

Karolina joined the company in 2007 and over the years has performed a number of functions. In 2018 she became Finance and Admin Manager and is responsible for managing the company's own sales and purchase ledgers, payroll and HR, and also provides Davinder with administrative and operational support. 

Jordan McDermott

Warehouse Manager

Jordan joined the team in May 2019. Coming to us from the healthcare industry, he has built up an extensive knowledge of working practices and warehouse management systems.  Jordan’s main responsibility is ensuring the smooth day to day running of our warehouse operation and team. He is key to ensuring that all orders go out the door on time and in perfect condition.


Sharon Simm

Client Manager

Sharon joined BookSource in 2010. Her background is in bookselling having spent 11 years on the management team at Borders Glasgow. Sharon is responsible for dealing with all aspects of title management including updating and maintaining both our internal title masterfiles and assisting publishers with our Stison metadata management system and ONIX. She is also key to helping maintain our excellent client relationships and liaises with publishers on a variety of day to day issues.

Mark Skimins

Warehouse Supervisor

Mark has worked in the book trade for over 20 years and has been with BookSource since it was founded. His wide range of experience and knowledge in all aspects of the warehouse is invaluable. His main role is to deal with deliveries of new titles and reprints and ensure they are quickly processed through the system and onto the shelves ready to fulfil customer orders.


David Warnock

Systems Manager

David has been with BookSource since its inception and has worked in the book trade since 1985. He was in charge of the warehouse up to 2007 and now manages all of BookSource’s IT systems. 

To meet the rest of the team click below, or you can return to our home page.

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