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We're planting trees this Christmas!

We’re delighted to let you know that this year, instead of sending Christmas cards, we’ve donated 40 trees to our BookSource tree grove!

In 2021 we started our own grove of trees with Trees for Life a conservation charity dedicated to rewilding the Scottish Highlands. The trees we plant will help rewild the Caledonian Forest, a rich habitat found only in the Scottish Highlands. Our trees will be planted at Dundreggan, an estate near Loch Ness in beautiful Glenmoriston. They will be saplings grown from locally collected seed and will be one of a number of species such as Scots pine, willow, birch, rowan, hazel, alder, holly, aspen and bird cherry. Our saplings will be planted alongside other young, native trees, transforming open hillsides into healthy young woodland, rich in wildlife including red squirrel, black grouse, capercaillie, wood ants and twinflower

There are now 51 trees in our grove, and we will be adding to that next year. Our grove has its own webpage where you can keep track of our progress and donate trees if you would like to.

Our tree grove is just one branch of our green strategy, and while we are very proud of it, we know there is still much more to do, and we’ll be working hard in 2023 to do it.

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