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To allow BookSource to provide the best service for publishers and booksellers alike, there are a few guidelines we ask all deliveries to follow in order for us to maintain an efficient and safe warehouse environment.


Download a copy of our Delivery Manual here.

Implicit in all this information is the adherence to health and safety regulations. If any delivery is considered to contravene health and safety regulations or is considered to be unsafe to handle it will be refused.

To book in a delivery click below:


Book a Delivery

Pallets and Packing

On Delivery

Right to Refuse

Rectification Charges

Book a Delivery

Book a Delivery

Book a Delivery

All pallet deliveries must be booked in with BookSource in advance of delivery. 

Bookings can be made Monday-Friday 9am-5pm. You will be given a delivery appointment within 3 working days.Each booking will be given a unique Goods Inwards Reference (GIR) that should be quoted on all delivery paperwork and at the time of delivery. Deliveries without a GIR may be refused.


To book in a delivery, contact us by either:

Tel: 0845 370 0063 (select option 3) 



Your booking reference will be emailed to you. If a booking needs to be cancelled it should be done so within 24 hours of the allocated delivery time. Failure to show will be charged to the publisher at £25 per instance.


Deliveries in excess of 10 boxes must be made on pallets that are 100cm x 120cm (40in x 48in) four-way entry with full perimeter base. Deliveries on any other size of pallet will incur a rectification charge. Pallets are non-returnable.


Packs or boxes should be stacked in an interlocking manner and must not overhang the pallet. Pallets must not exceed 750kg in weight and must not exceed 140cm in height without prior agreement.

All pallets must be wrapped with clear film and strapped with plastic strapping. Pallets must be clearly labelled with details of the title, 13 digit ISBN, barcode, number of packs or boxes and total quantity.

Pallets should only contain one title, however where this is not possible (e.g. small print run of multiple titles) each title must be clearly separated on the pallet and the pallet label should accurately reflect the contents. Any pack or box containing an irregular quantity (ie. part box) must be clearly marked as such and placed at the top of the pallet.

Pallets and Packing


All stock must be delivered in tight shrink-wrapped packs or boxes. If using boxes books should be packed flat and appropriate filler material must be used.

If shrink-wrapped the entire surface area of the books must be enclosed by the plastic to protect the books during transit. Where possible opaque plastic should be used to give protection against sunlight.

Pack or box quantities should be consistent. The maximum weight of any pack or box must not exceed 20kg.

Each pack or box must be labelled with the following information: name of publisher, book title and edition, 13 digit ISBN, barcode, binding, price and quantity of books.

Any pack or box containing an irregular quantity must be clearly marked as such and packs or boxes must not contain mixed titles.

On Delivery

Deliveries must be made at the allotted time and failure to do so may lead to delay, refusal or surcharge.

Deliveries should be made to:

BookSource Goods Inwards

50 Cambuslang Road

Cambuslang Investment Park Glasgow

G32 8NB
United Kingdom

Delivery times:

Monday–Friday 8.30am–4.30pm

Relevant paperwork must accompany all deliveries giving details of the publisher, title, price, ISBN, total quantity of books, details of any special editions and the number of pallets or boxes in the consignment. Please note that the company signs for all deliveries as unchecked.

On Delivery

On Delivery

Right to


Right to Refuse

BookSource will always attempt to accommodate deliveries, however we may refuse consignments (or parts thereof) for any of the following reasons:

  • Delivery outwith the allocated time

  • Late cancellations and failure to show

  • Goods not on specified pallets

  • Packs or boxes overhanging the pallet

  • Pack or box labels are not as specified

  • Paperwork is incomplete, inaccurate or missing

  • Pack or box quantities are not as specified

  • Consignment entails unloading and reloading goods for other consignees

  • Consignment does not reflect the booking

Right to Refuse

Rectification Charges

Charges will be made to publishers where rectification work is necessary before goods can be processed. Examples of such occasions are:​

  • Delivery outwith allotted time

  • Packs/boxes require to be transferred onto a standard pallet (100cm x 120cm, four-way

  • entry and perimeter based)

  • Packs/boxes contain mixed titles and require to be unpacked

  • Pack/boxes labels incorrect

  • No paperwork supplied with delivery

Rectification Charges

Rectification Chargs


For more information feel free to contact us, or download our Delivery Instructions PDF

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